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  First Baptist Church Havre de Grace  

First Baptist Church of Havre de Grace


"Send forth your light and your truth,let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell."
Psalms 43:3


“A Letter from the Pastor”

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our web page and perusing this information about the fellowship of First Baptist Church of Havre de Grace. Our church is one which we hope you would seriously consider as a place for worship, study and involvement.

Our purpose is to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus Christ and leading them to become His committed followers. Our vision is to be a biblically functioning fellowship of believers.

We strive to offer quality ministries and programs for all ages and we would welcome the opportunity to share these with you. We want to be a part of your growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If we can be of help in your life by way of prayer, support, or guidance, we would count it a privilege to do so. We would hope that you would find that the arms of our church are open wide to welcome you! Come see if this is the place where God is leading you and catch the spirit of First Baptist Church.


In the area of Worship:

  • Celebrating God's Presence
  • Communicating God's Word
  • Educating God's People
  • Demonstrating God's Love

In the area of Bible Study:

  • Classes for all ages
  • Age-graded for life-needs fellowship
  • Designed for participation and discussion
  • Trained, experienced teachers

In the area of Children's and Youth Ministries:

  • Sunday Morning Bible Sudy
  • Sunday Morning Children's Worship
  • Wednesday Evening Youth Worship
  • Wednesday Evening Children's Discipleship
  • Wednesday Evening Music Ministry
  • Summer Vacation Bible School
  • Summer Christian Camps

Certainly give us a call with your questions. We would be glad to try and answer them.

In Christ's love,
Pastor Ron Smith


“Noticeable Difference?”

I've been hearing a statement for a while now that declares that there is no difference between the church and the world these days. I was reading some material on divorce which concluded that the divorce rate among churchgoers was the same as that of nonchurch-goers. I've since discovered that the comment was based on a faulty assessment of the data. But I was reading somewhere else that adultery and lying among churchgoers isn't any different than for the rest of the "world." The impression people may be getting is that the things that the church allows really isn't all that different from that which the world allows.

But shouldn't there be a difference between those who call themselves "godly" and those who do not. Shouldn't being a Christian mean there is a difference in your life? What about holiness? We certainly cannot have the "holier than thou" attitude, but the holiness that God is looking for means there is something different about your life.

The word "holy" means "set apart." The full message behind that word is "set apart from the world onto God." With our commitment to God, we put away a passion for the things of this world. We have accepted a higher standard for morality and ethics. We hear God's commands and we walk in them. And it is by that very same God that we have the power to walk that difference in our lives. We become different.

We have been given the heart of God. Our passions are now for the things of God, the lost to be saved, the needy to be provided for, the hurting to be comforted, the sick and lonely to be visited, the fellowship with other believers to be sought out, the property - ours and the church's - to be taken care of well, and the Lord to be celebrated. Sacrifice is the practice. Commitment to God and His kingdom and to others is the mindset. We are to be different.

Are you really all that different from those around you? Can people really see any difference in you? Is that difference something that others would want? Does your life make people want to know God? And what are you doing about the answer to those questions? What do you think?

Pastor Ron


First Baptist Church
Ron Smith, Pastor
108 South Stokes Street
Havre de Grace, MD 21078


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